LES REVOLTES D'IBI (Spanish Champ.)

The Spanish Hillclimb Championship completed its 2019 season the 18, 19 and 20 of October at the 'Les Revoltes d'Ibi' hillclimb. The event of the Alicante area was valid by first time for the national series and was held under changeable weather conditions along the weekend. On Saturday the two first practice climbs and the first race where held with sunny skies and high temperatures, while on Sunday it was overcast and with some rain for the final practice and the two remaining race climbs. Speed Car was represented in the last round of the season by several drivers. As well as the habitual contenders of the championship this season, Edgar Montellá and Pedro Aldomar, there were five local entries, Óscar Sanjuán, Jorge Lozano, Juan David Mercado, Javier Cabot and Carlos Archiles, as the event was also valid towards the regional championship of Valencia.

Edgar Montellà
(CEM: 3rd cat.2)

Carlos Archiles
(CEM: 4th cat.2 - FACV: 7th Phase A, 3rd Phase B)

Pedro Aldomar
(CEM: DNF cat.1)

Edgar Montella got to Ibi with the third position of the category 2 championship already secured. The young Andorra born driver had also some mathematical chances of being runner up, althought that was only possible if his rival, Garikoitz Flores, didn't finish. The driver from the Navarra region had an engine failure in his BRC on Saturday, but his team managed to fix it in time to enter the official climbs, so there were no more chances for Edgar to finish second in the series standings. Anyway, the Speed Car driver completed yet another great performance with the GTR. On Saturday he was third fastest and on Sunday he was third again, in the second race climb, and second in the final one to be third of the category 2 at the end of the weekend. With this new podium, the third of the season, Montellà finishes the season in the third overall position of the category 2 Spanish Hillclimb Championship.

Other two Speed Car drivers entered also the national race at Ibi. Pedro Aldomar was quite unlucky in the category 1, as he had to withdrawn on Saturday with his GT1000, while the local Carlos Archiles was fourth of the category 2 with his GTR.

Óscar Sanjuan
(FACV: 3th Phase A, 4th Phase B)

Jorge Lozano
(FACV: 4th Phase A, 8th Phase B)

Juan David Mercado
(FACV: 5th Phase A, 6th Phase B)

In the regional series, run on two separated phases, the A on Saturday afternoon and the B on Sunday morning, the best results for Speed Car were scored by Óscar David Sanjuán, winner among the Car Cross with his Xtrem as well as being third overall the first day and fourth the second. Carlos Archiles got to the podium on Sunday, when he was third with his GTR after finishing seventh on Saturday. In the Phase A Jorge Lozano was fourth with his Speed Car GT1000, while the fifth and sixth positions where shared along the two days by the Xtrems of Juan David Mercado and Javier Cabot.

Javier Cabot
(FACV: 6th Phase A, 5th Phase B)

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