ALP 2500 (Spanish Hillclimb Champ.)

The 2019 Spanish Hillclimb Championship visited Catalonia the 12, 13 and 14 of July for the Alp 2500 Hillclimb, the fourth round of the series. The event was also included in the schedule of the Catalonian Hillclimb Championship. Among the more than 70 entrants there were six drivers at the wheel of CM cars built by Industrias Lahoz and produced the first podium of the year in the national series for the Speed Car driver Edgar Montellà. The young Andorra born driver was the whol weekend in the fight for the top positions of the category 2, the most comeptitive of the Spanish Championship, and finished third, his best result of the season so far. Edgar remains third in the championship standings.

Edgar Montellà
(3rd cat.2)

Miguel Ángel Aldomar
(8th cat.2)

Raúl Ferré
(DNF cat.2)

The weather was quite diferent in the two days of the event, and that influenced the final result, specially for the drivers who had some kind of problem in the only timed run of the Saturday. One of them was the Speed Car driver Raúl Ferré, who couldn't finish the first race climb because a broken halfshaft in his GTR. On Sundya, Ferré, who is doing first hillclimb season with very good performances, showed his speed setting the third best time of the category 2 in the second race climb, but the rain that affected the third didn't give him a chance of scoring a good result as he didn't have two times set on dry track as his rivals.

Another Speed Car driver, Miguel Ángel Aldomar, habitual competitor in the national series with his GTR. was eight of the category 2.

Felipe Brandao
(6th cat.1 CAT)

Delfín Marcos
(7th cat.1 CAT)

Manel Guiral
(8th cat.1 CAT)

In the Catalonian Championship, Montellá was second in the category 1, and three more Speed Car drivers finished as well. Sixth was Felipe Brandao, with its veteran but still fast GT1000, seventh was Delfín Marcos, with a GTR, and the ninth position was for another GT1000, driven by Manel Guiral.

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