The 2019 Spanish Autocross Championship started the second half of the season the 6th and 7th of July at Carballo, the first of its two consecutive dates in the Galicia region.

The track in the Coruña area wasn't specially positive for the Speed Car drivers as, by first in quite a long time, there wasn't any of them on the podium. The best resutls were scored by Juan josé Moll and Eduard Bañeres, who were both fourth, the former in Car Cross, the later in Car Cross Junior.


Juan José Moll
(4th CarCross)

Jordi Puigvert
(5th CarCross)

Joan Salichs
(6th CarCross)

Ther were 40 entrants in Car Cross, 9 of them at the wheel of the Xtrem built by Industrias Lahoz, and 5 got the final for the top 15, run on Sunday, where Speed Car was, once again, the brand with more cars. The best result was for Juan José Moll, who crossed the finish line in fourth position. The Escudería Mollerusa driver had set the best time in the qualifying session, won one of the heats and fought in the final for a podium position. Finally, less than a second separated him from the second placed car, and he was just 4 tenths shy of third but the points scored along the weekend allow the Speed Car driver to keep the leadership of the series.

Josep Mª Vila
(9th CarCross)

Josep Arqué
(14th CarCross)

Just seven tenths behind finishes, Jordi Puigvert, fifth after being also in the fight for the podium positions. He's now fourth in the overall standings. The third Speed Car in Carballo was driven by Joan Salichs, sixth at the end of the 8 laps of the final. Josep María Vila finished ninth while Josep Arqué was unlucky as he got involved in a first corner crash and was out of the race with other three competitors.

-> CarCross results (pdf file)


Eduard Bañeres
(4th CarCross Jr.)

Josep Aranda
(5th CarCross Jr.)

Laura Lista
(8th CarCross Jr.)

Three Speed Car drivers were among the eight competitors in the Car Cross Junior category. The best result was one again for Eduard Bañeres. The young driver of the Escudería Lleida was fourth this time and remains third overall in the championship. Right behind him at Carballo finished Josep Aranda, fifth at the end of the 9 laps of the final race. It's the third time this season that he gets the same result. A bit worse finished this time Laura Lista, who after her great fourth position in the previous race had to settle this tim for eight although she scored enough points to keep the fifth position in the championship standings, just ahead of Aranda, with the same total score.

-> CarCross Junior Results (pdf file)

Pictures: Press CEAX RFEdA