The fourth round of the 2019 Spanish Autocross Championship was held the first weekend of June in the circuit Parc de la Serra, at Mollerusa.

The oldest track of the national series was in its 27th running and produced very good results for the Speed Car drivers, with a couple of one-two. In the Division III, Joan Enric De María and Ares Lahoz were first and second, while in Car Cross Juan josé Moll and Jordi Puigvert got to the two top steps of the podium.


Joan De María
(1st Div.III)

Ares Lahoz
(2nd Div.III)

De María and Ares Lahoz
on the podium

Even if this year the entries are less than in previous seasons, the powerfull prototipes racing in the division III are spectacular to watch and always produce good racing. At Mollerusa, the Speed Car TTX starred. In the qualyfing heats, Ares Lahoz won a race while Joan Enric De María lost his one because a penalty.

In the final, nothing could stop the fast Speed Car driver, who dominated from the start to cross first under the chequered flag at the end of the 10 laps of the race. The second position was for his team mate, Ares Lahoz, who completed the one-two for the TTX reaching the finish lane just six second later.

In the overall standings of the championship, Joan Enric is second and Ares third after four rounds, and they are first and second in the 1.6 category.

-> Division III results (pdf file)


Juan José Moll
(1st CarCross)

Jordi Puigvert
(2nd CarCross)

Jordi Colomer
(6th CarCross)

Fourteen of the thirty two entrants in the Car Cross category at Mollerusa where at the wheel of the always competitive Xtrem from Speed Car. Seven got to the final for the top15 after going trough the always challenging heats.

Joan Salichs
(7th CarCross)

Josep Arqué
(9th CarCross)

Arnau Biosca
(10th CarCross)

And two of them completed the weekend celebrating victory and second position from the top of the podium. They were Juan José Moll and Jordi Puigvert, who dominated the final from start to finish. Puigvert lead in the first laps, closely followed by Moll, who finally got by his team mate to win and get also the leadership of the championship. The second position was for Puigvert, just three second behind after the 10 laps of the race.

Santiago Montalbán
(11st CarCross)

Moll and Puigvert
on the podium

The great one-two for the Xtrems was followed also by good results for the other Speed Car drivers, with four more in the top10. Jordi Colomer was sixth, a little more than a second shy of fifth position. Joan Salichs finished seventh, less than a second behind his team mate. Josep Arqué was ninth and Arnau Biosca completed the top ten of the final. Right behind him was classified Santiago Montalban.

-> CarCross results (pdf file)


Laura Lista
(4th CarCross Jr.)

Pol Durán
(5th CarCross Jr.)

Josep Aranda
(6th CarCross Jr.)

The Car Cross Junio category left mixed feelings for the Speed Car drivers at Mollerusa. Eduard Bañeres, third trough the finish line, was disqualified so the first result for the Speed Car drivers was for Laura Lista, fourth and always improving. Right behind the young driver from Coruña finished his team mates Pol Durán, 5th, and Josep Aranda, 6th.

In the championship standings, Bañeres remains in third position despite not scoring points this time, while Laura Lista is fith overall.

Eduard Bañeres

-> CarCross Junior Results (pdf file)

Pictures: Press CEAX RFEdA