ESTEPONA (Spanish Hillclimb Championship)

The 2019 Spanish Hillclimb Championship began at the Estepona Peñas Blancas hillclimb. The event was hel with summer like weather along a very sunny and hot weekend in the 7.6 kilometers long route starting within the Malaga coast city. Among the more than 70 entrants there were four racing at the wheel of CM cars built by Speed Car: Edgar Montellá and Miguel Ángel Aldomar with a couple of GTRs, while his brother, Pedro, and Andrés Francisco Cruz, were with two GT 1000.

Edgar Montellà
(4th cat.2)

Miguel Ángel Aldomar
(7th cat.2)

Pedro Aldomar
(5th cat.1)

The best result was scored by Edgar Montella, who finiahed fourth of the category 2 with his GTR. Edgar had a quite hard weekend as Saturday ended up with a fright when he went off the road althought, luckily, whitout any sustantial damage. On Sunday, some engine issues didn't allow him to fight for the podium so he had to settle for fourth among the CM-Promotion cars in the two timed climbs, being also fourth overral in the final standings of the category 2.

For the Aldomar it was a satisfactory maiden run at the Estepona hillclimb. Miguel Ángel finished in seventh position of the category 2 with his Speed Car GTR while Pedro was fifth in the category 1 with his GT1000, being also second in the CM+ group. As for Andrés Francisco Cruz, he was fifth of the category 2 in the regional championship and ninth in the Spanish series.

Andrés Francisco Cruz
(9th cat.2)

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