AUTOCROSS CERRO NEGRO (Spanish championship)

The last round of the 2018 Spanish Autocross Championship was held the 10th and 11th of November at Cerro Negro. The event in the area of Talavera was scheduled for the previous month but heavy rain forced to delay its comeback to the national series after fourteen years away. Finally, and despite the meteorological conditions were also adverse in the new date, the races were done and produced yet another very positive weekend for the Speed Car drivers.

In Car Cross, Juan José Moll scored his sixth win of the year, althought it wasn't enough to clinch the title. In Junior, Arnau Biosca won and finishes the season in the first position of the overall standings, still provisional because a postrace claim yet to be solved. Three more Speed Car drivers got to the podium at Cerro Negro, Juan José Aranda and Ares Lahoz were second and third in the División III, while Pol Catalá completed the Xtrems 1-2 in the Junior category.


Juan José Aranda
(2nd Div.III)

Ares Lahoz
(3rd Div.III)

Aranda and Ares
on the podium

Double podium for the Speed Car in the last round of the division III, held on a quite muddy track at Cerro Negro because a weekend with ocassional rain on Saturday that became heavier overnight to the point of forcing to cancel the second heat for all the categories on Sunday. In the final, Juan José Aranda put pressure on the leader to cross the finish line second at the wheel of his Speed Car TTR just seven tenths behind the winner. With this result, the Potarojos' driver end the season as runner up of the Division III after a great year, with two wins ans four second positions.

On the podium at Cerro Negro was also Ares Lahoz, third after a close fight in the final, decided on her favour in the very last meters. The young driver of the Speed Car TTX was also first in the Kumho Challenge.

-> Division III results (pdf file)


Juan José Moll
(1st CarCross)

Josep Arqué
(7th CarCross)

Josep María Vila
(8th CarCross)

Sixth win of the year Juan José Moll, definitely the fastest driver of the 2018 Car Cross Spanish Championship with his Speed Car Xtrem. At Cerro Negro, the Escudería Lleida driver showed again his superior speed in the most competitive category of the national series, winning his two heats and the final. Nevertheless, the points rules of the championship, that don't allow to discard any result, rewards more the regularity than the wins. So, despite having scored six victories in the eight rounds of the year, Moll has to settle to the runner up position because he didn't scored any points in the other two.

Another Speed Car driver finishes third of the championship, Pepe Arqué, after a very good mayden season in the Car Cross category. At Cerro Negro, Arqué was seventh, crossing under the chequered flag with his Speed Car right ahead of two other Industrias Lahoz built Xtrems, the driven by hois team mate in the 'escudería Mollerusa' Josep María Vila, eight in the final race of the year, and the one of Joan Salichs, who finished ninth.

The fifth Speed Car among the fifteen in the final was Jordi Puigvert, 12th with his Xtrem, again the model with more entrants in a round of the Spanish Autocross championship.

Joan Salichs
(9th CarCross)

Jordi Puigvert
(12nd CarCross)

Sixth win of the year
for Juan José Moll

-> CarCross results (pdf file)


Arnau Biosca
(1st Junior)

Pol Catalá
(2nd Junior)

Josep Aranda
(12nd Junior)

Arnau Biosca crossed the finish line in the Junior category in the second position, but the exclusion of the first under the chequered flags meant a decisive win for the Speed Car driver, who ends up the season in the first position of the overall standings. The results are yet provisionl until the national motorsport governing body takes a decission regarding a post-race claim. If there are no changes, Arnau Biosca will be the champion of the Spanish Junior Autocross series.

On the podium at Cerro Negro was also another Speed Car driver, Pol Catalá, who completed his excellent season with a second position and a 1-2 for the Industrias Lahoz built Xtrems in the last round of the year. Two other Speed Car drivers also competed in the event held at Talavera; Josep Aranda finished fith and Eduard Bañeres was sixth despite could go to the end of the eight laps.

Eduard Bañeres
(6th Junior)

Aranau Biosca and Pol Catalá
on the Junior podium

-> CarCross Junior results (pdf file)