DIRT4, the fourth running of the famous computer game made by the Brittish company Codemasters, is already for sale. This true reference in the world of the motorsport simulation includes is, again, the official game of the World Rally Championship, and it not only includes all the WRC and WRC2, as well as rallying historic vehicles, but also several new additions, like the Speed Car Xtrem designed and built by Industrias Lahoz.

The Speed Car Xtrem on the vehicle selection screen

Cockpit view of the Speed Car Xtrem

The Speed Car Xtrem can be driven also from the arcade views

The Xtrem is one of the vehicles for the game mode named 'LandRush' where the player drives on autocross and rallycross dirt tracks. Industrias Lahoz is very proud of the presencia of the Speed Car Xtrem in this very popular computer gama, a true classic of racing simulation.

More information about DIRT4 at its official website where it can also be ordered in any of its available versions for PC, PS34 and XBOX ONE.