A great outcome for Speed Car in the 2016 Spanish Autocross Championship, which finished with a tremendous collection of success for the drivers racing at the wheel of Industrias Lahoz built vehicles. Joan Enric De María won the championship of Division III, Juan José Moll became Car Cross champion, Pepe Arqué has finished runner up in the CarCross Junior category and both Delfín Lahoz, in Division III, and Jordi Puigvert, in Car Cross, has been third in their categories. Furthermore, Speed Car have scored a total of eleven wins in the finals of the different categories held in the seven rounds of the season, with six wins in Division III (five for De María and one for Delfín), three in CarCross (all by Moll) and two in Junior (both for Arqué). These excellent results also meant a 1-2 for the Speed Car drivers in the overall Spanish Autocross Championship, which takes into account the points scored in all its different categories and which finished with De María in first position and Moll in second.

-> 2016 Spanish Autocross Championship (pdf file)


Joan Enric De María, 2016 Spanish Division III champion

Delfín Lahoz, 3rd Division III

Juanjo Aranda was in Speed Car's trebble at Mollerusa

Speed Car totally dominated Division III, where the most powerful single seaters of the Spanish autocross are entered. From the seven rounds held this year, the win went six times to the Industrias Lahoz built cars. Five times winner was the TTR driven by Joan Enric de María, first under the chequered flag at Motorland, Castelo Branco, Mollerusa, Carballo and Arteixo, the last win being enough to clinch the title with one race still to go.

Another win as well this year for the TTX driven by Delfín Lahoz, first at Lleida, which, together with his podium positions at Mollerusa and Miranda de Ebro finally placed him in third position of the Championship.

Juan José Aranda also stepped on the podium this season, being second with his TTR at Mollerusa, a race where the three first positions went to Speed Car, and scoring a third place at Lleida.

-> Spanish Division III championship (pdf file)


Juan José Moll, 2016 Spanish CarCross Champion

Jordi Puigvert, 5th CarCross

David Casadevall, 6th CarCross

The very competitive Car Cross category finished with yet another title for Speed Car. Juan Jose Moll clinched it after a great season at the wheel of his Xtrem. The driver from the Baleares Islands won the races of Lleida, Mollerusa and Miranda de Ebro, was second at Carballo and third at the portuguese round of the series held at Castelo Branco, results that allowed him the win the championship.

On the last podium of the season, at Miranda de Ebro, he was joined by the other two Speed Car drivers that have also been at the front throughout the whole year, Jordi Puigvert and David Casadevall. For Jordi it has been third position in the championship, after scoring, in addition to the second position at Burgos, a third at Lleida and getting to the final in six of the seven rounds. Right behind him in the final standings was David, sixth after a very good season, with the third position at Miranda de Ebro being the culmination of a campaign that has seen his Speed Car XTrem in six of the seven finals of the CarCross category.

-> Spanish CarCross championship (pdf file)


Pepe Arqué, runner up, Junior CarCross

Ares Lahoz, 6th Junior CarCross

A brilliant season for the young Speed Car drivers entering the CarCross Junior category, the main feeder series for Spanish Autocross. Josep Arqué has finished runner up after a great year at the wheel of his Xtrem, with two wins, at Lleida and Mollerusa, a second position, at Motorland, and a third, at Castelo Branco. His team mate, Ares Lahoz, has finished sixth overall, a position that doesn't do justice to her performances as she has been the innocent victim of several race incidents when battling for the top positions and which prevented her from scoring the results her pace deserved.

-> Spanish CarCross Junior championship (pdf file)