ORDINO-ARCALÍS HILLCLIMB (Spanish championship)

Great results for Speed Car at the 'Pujada Ordino-Arcalís', a round of the French (2nd division), Spanish and Catalonian Hillclimb Championships held at Andorra on the 10th and 11th of September. The event, which was also the final date of the Pyrenees Trophy, reunited more than 70 entrants among its different championships and categories, with five Industrias Lahoz built GTRs among them. The Speed Cars driven by Yves Tholy, Jean Sebastien Fel and Benoit Fourquet, entered the French championship, while the remaining two, for the Andorra born drivers, Ramón Plaus and Edgar Montella, contested both the Spanish and Catalonian series.

Yves Tholy
(1st CM, French championship)

Jean Sebastien Fel
(2nd CM, French championship)

Benoit Fourquet
(5th CM, French championship)

In the French Championship the final result was a clear domination of the CM group by the Speed Cars, which took first and second position. The win went to the GTR driven by Yves Tholy, who set the fastest time in the three official climbs, being the only competitor under the 2:30 mark, an achievement he managed in all the race climbs.

The 1-2 for the Speed Car in the French series was completed by Jean Sebastien Fel, who improved his times on each attempt to end up in second position, just under four seconds from his brand mate.

The third GTR in the standings of the French championship was Benoit Fourquet, fifth in the CM group and tenth overall in the Pyrenees Trophy.

There were also two of the Speed Car drivers on the podium of the Spanish championship, with Ramón Plaus being second in Category II at the wheel of his Speed Car GTR, followed by Edgar Montellà, third with yet another of the Industrias Lahoz built cars.

The two Andorra born drivers also achieved good results in the Catalonian Championship, with Plaus finishing third overall and Montella in seventh. The latter was also fourth in the Pyrenees Trophy.

Ramón Plaus
(2nd cat.II, Spanish championship)

Edgar Montellà
(2nd cat.II, Spanish championship)

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