FITO HILLCLIMB (Spanish championship)

The second of the back to back rounds of the European and Spanish Hillclimb Championships on the Iberian peninsula was held on the 13th, 14th and 15th of May at El Fito, the fourth event of both series. The hillclimb, based in the Asturian village of Arriondas, attracted more than 110 entrants, among them were the Speed Car GTR of the Cantabrian Juan Antonio Castillo, regular contender in the national Category 2 this season, and the GT1000 of the local driver Daniel Formoso, who was entering the regional competition.

For Juan Antonio Castillo the Fito Hillclimb meant yet another good result. The Cantabrian-born driver was again third in the Spanish Hillclimb championship Category 2 at the wheel of his Speed Car GTR. This is his fourth podium position of the year in as many races, a result that consolidates his third position in the series standings where the championship has already reached the end of his first half, with the second starting in mid-July at the Pujada Alp 2500, in Catalonia. As well as being happy with third position at El Fito, the Speed Car GTR driver was especially satisfied with the step forward in his performances, as he was close to the second placed driver in the championship, the Asturian Jonathan Álvarez, a driver who knows the tricky course of El Fito very well.

Daniel Formoso, for his part, fulfilled his aim of entering one of the races with some tradition in the Spanish hillclimb and the event that every Asturian driver wants to drive in at least once. Daniel enjoyed driving his Speed Car GT1000 through the technical road of the Sueve mountains and finished eighth in Category 1 of the Asturian championship

Juan Carlos Castillo (3rd in category 2, Spanish championship)

Daniel Formoso (8th in category 2, Asturian championship)

-> Category 2 results, Spanish championship (pdf file)