Excelent start of the season for the drivers of the SPEEDCAR GTR in hillclimbing, with overall wins in France for Yves Tholy, at Suméne, and in Cantabria for Juan Castillo, at La Braguía.


Yves Tholy (photo Rallye-Start)

Yves Tholy scored a sensational win at the 'Course de Côte de La Sumène', beating all the singlseaters and sportscars with his SPEEDCAR GTR.

It has been five years since a car from the CM group hasn't win overall in the French hillclimb, which gives even more importance to Tholy's win, scored after beating during the day the fast Dallara Formula 3 cars of Yves Martin, Fabrice Flandy and Daniel Coquet. These four drivers where the only ones able to break the one minute barrier, with Tholy setting the best overall time of the day with a 58:504 at the wheel of his SPEEDCAR which gave him the first position overall.

1 Yves Tholy (Speed Car GTR) 0:58,504
2 Fabrice Flandy (Dallara Hayabusa) 0:58,538
3 Yves Martin (Dallara 387) 0:58,986
4 Daniel Coquet (Dallara F398) 0:59,298
5 Vivien Boucher (BRC CM02) 1:01,217


Juan Castillo (photo Yeray Cuesta)

The Cantabria Hillclimb championship started on Sunday the 7th of June at the 'Subida a La Braguía'. The win went to the current regional champion, Juan Castillo, who dominated from start to finish at the wheel of his SPEEDCAR GTR, scoring the best time in the four runs, two practice and two timed. Castillo ended up three and a half seconds ahead of Joseba Iraola, a regular contender in the national series with his Demon Car, who was unable to do anything to reach the times set by the Cantabrian driver with the latest evolution of the competitive GTR built by Industrias Lahoz.

1 Juan A. Castillo (Speedcar GTR Evo) 06:55.630
2 Joseba Iraola (Demoncar) 06:59.200
3 José R. Fonseca (Ralt RT 33) 07:40.350
4 Daniel Montes (Citroën AX Sport) 07:53.220
5 Manuel García (Renault Clio Sport) 07:59.230